Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures
Largest Miniature Show West of the Mississippi - Benefiting Plane Tree Health Library

The 2018 Good Sam Academy of Miniatures

Workshops to be held Monday, October 15, 2018             Registration Form

The Good Sam Academy of Miniatures offers classes taught by miniaturists that are leaders in their selected fields and have been teaching their skills to miniaturists for several years. Classes take place immediately after the 2018 Good Sam Show, in Morgan Hill, California.

We are pleased and excited to offer the following workshops:

  • Class #1 - Margo, Romantic Steampunk Figure with Dana Burton of Miniature Art
  • Class #2 - Crazy Quilt with Diane Zammito and Sandy Leal, Vegas AIRS Cancelled

Click on any picture below for larger pictures. Use the button above to download the registration form. Registration deadline for Academy registration is September 1, 2018. In addition to the cost of a class, there is a $25 registration fee for the facility and food.

Class #1 - Margo, Romantic Steampunk Figure with Dana Burton of Miniature Art
  • Scale: 1:12th scale
  • Skill Level: Intermediate (or a patient beginner).  The doll attire is put together like puzzle pieces.
  • Cost: $175
  • Class Duration: 1 Day Class, Monday, October 15
  • Registration Deadline: Day of class.

Margo is a youthful steampunk figure, created in a romantic style.  This doll is decorated with many details, including gears, gussets, corset bindings, pin tucked undershirt, fabulous boots and that gorgeous hair!   Margo is considered the *base doll* and what is possible to finish in class.  BUT after class – you can add additional steampunk pouches, belts, straps, ray guns – all as your creative muse dictates.

Students will receive a fully assembled doll, on a doll stand – with painted black boots to start.  This shaves off two hours of assembly time from class time so that you can enjoy creating all the little details on her dress, and learning how to make the soft free flowing tresses.

Kit/class comes with all materials shown, (including the book).  Each student receives their own miniature gears/steampunk pieces (due to the nature of materials, they may vary SLIGHTLY). Doll is dressed in silks, French lace, Swiss batiste, and faux leather.

Tools needed: Small Sharp scissors, needle and white, black and green thread, pins, long sharp tweezers, magnifier if bad eyes, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and glue syringe (the ONLY glue that works with this silk), Zap a gap (gel superglue), small plant mister.

Crazy Quilt with Diane Zammito and Sandy Leal, Vegas AIRS
  • Cancelled
  • Scale: 1:12th
  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels Welcome
  • Cost: $75
  • Class Duration: 3-4 hours, Monday, October 15
  • Registration Deadline: Sunday, October 14

The crazy quilt requires NO sewing, it is all glued.  All fabrics and trims are provided and include hand dyed silks, vintage and contemporary trims and embellishments including beads and charms.  The kit contains sufficient supplies to make a coordinating crazy pillow top.  In class, students will be shown the techniques needed to make the quilt.  They will have time to start and perhaps finish a square.  The quilt will NOT be completed during the class.  The quilt comes in 3 colorways, bright, pastel and blue.  Color choice will depend on availability.  If students want to ensure they get a specific color, please email choice to: and it will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

Tools needed: Clear, fast drying, flexible glue (Grrrip glue recommended), needle point glue applicator, fine, sharp, straight point scissors, fine point tweezers (optional), craft stick (optional).